Support for Adult Apprentices

What is Support For Adult Apprentices?

If you are aged 25 or over when you start an eligible trade apprenticeship either you or your employer may be eligible for a direct payment under the Australian Government’s Support for Adult Apprentices scheme.

Fortnightly payments can subsidise apprenticeship wages by up to $13,000 over the first two years of an apprenticeship.


Who is eligible?

There a number of conditions that need to be meet before being considered eligible for this subsidy, including

  • Registered apprentices throughout Australia.
  • You must be aged 25 or over when you start.
  • Your apprenticeship must be at the Certificate III or IV level.
  • Your apprenticeship must be in a trade experiencing a skills shortage.

Contact your Australian Apprenticeships Centre contact for more information and an assessment.

How to apply?

Contact your Australian Apprenticeship Centre or visit the Australian Apprenticeships web site for information on how to apply.

Page last updated: 27 May 2015