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SkillsOnline is a web-based shopping site for vocational training and assessment materials. Its purpose is to provide training and learning resources to enhance training delivery.

Materials are developed by industry specialists to support the use of nationally endorsed training packages in NSW. SkillsOnline also includes recognition of prior learning resources.

NOTE: The SkillsOnline service provides materials for use in training delivery but does not conduct training courses.

Training packages

Training packages are a collection of reference materials that define the national standards and qualifications for recognising and assessing people's skills in specific vocations. They include:

  • competency units
  • listing of qualifications
  • assessment guidelines
  • recognised training resources and links to the original supplier/vendor.

When a new training package is created nationally, or an existing one amended, the relevant NSW Industry Training Advisory Body (ITAB) assesses the suitability of the package for endorsement of a new/amended apprenticeship or traineeship in NSW.

In NSW the primary source of information for apprenticeships and traineeships is the NSW Vocational Training Orders, Commissioner Information Bulletins and qualification documents. These form a package of official training information - job and qualification descriptions, lists of competencies, training arrangements and resources, industrial relations issues.

You can supplement this information:

Programs & Services

State Training Services manages and administers a number of funding programs and services that provide information and advice to assist industry with skills development. There is funding for targeted skills training, training delivery, course development and professional development of trainers.

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is an process that assesses whether existing skills and knowledge can count towards part or whole of a qualification.
  • RTOs are integral to the process - providing advice and guidance, and assessment services.
  • RTOs on the Approved Providers List   
    • must offer RPL to all participants
    • are entitled to claim standard training payments for outcomes for RPL students.
  • Free RPL resources can be downloaded by training providers, enterprises and learners and RPL Guides for providers, candidates and assessors.

Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs)

ITABs can provide support and advice on:


Assessor networks


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Page last updated: 03 July 2014