Rules and regulations

Apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW are administered under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001.

This Act provides the framework which supports and protects employers and their apprentices and trainees.

Qualifications from nationally agreed training packages are identified by industry as being suitable to be delivered as an apprenticeship or traineeship. They are established in New South Wales using a Vocational Training Order (VTO). The VTO specifies the qualification, length of apprenticeship or traineeship and probationary period.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are published on this website in Commissioners Information Bulletins (CIB). The CIB specifies:

  • if the qualification is an apprenticeship or a traineeship
  • job descriptions to help you decide which qualification is suitable for your employee and your workplace
  • industrial arrangements and awards
  • licensing requirements for the industry
  • any additional regulatory requirements
  • links to resources for registered training organisations
  • links to training providers available to deliver the training.

Employers should also be aware of their responsibilities under state and federal legislation for occupational health and safety, the employment of young people under 18 years of age, superannuation and taxation. NSW Government Fair Trading is an excellent source of information.

Advice and support

Throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship you can obtain advice and support from Training Services NSW as well as your local Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP).

Staff from an ANP can assist you in establishing an apprenticeship or traineeship and advise you on financial and/or other assistance that may be available to you as an employer.

Once registered, ANP and Training Services NSW staff will monitor the training arrangement and provide advice and assistance where necessary.


Contact Training Services NSW on 13 28 11 to be directed to your local office.

Page last updated: 13 August 2019