How do I arrange training for my apprentice or trainee?

An apprentice or trainee must be signed up for formal training with a registered training organisation (RTO). This will complement on-the-job training you provide in the workplace.

How to arrange training

  • Training will be discussed with you and your apprentice/trainee and arranged by your Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) during the initial meeting to sign up your apprentice/trainee.
  • Your ANP will help you choose a suitable RTO.
  • You and your apprentice have the right to make the final choice of RTO.
  • A summary training plan will be drawn up during this meeting to record the training information – the course, the RTO, the start date etc.
  • The ANP will make sure the summary training plan is forwarded to the RTO.
  • The RTO will then contact you and your apprentice/trainee to firm up the training details and will draw up a full (detailed) training plan.
  • The full training plan needs to be signed by you, your apprentice/trainee and the RTO. You and your apprentice/trainee should have a copy of the plan.
  • Make sure your apprentice or trainee understands the training plan arrangements.

Your responsibilities

  • Training is a responsibility shared between you, your registered training organisation (RTO) and your apprentice or trainee.
  • You have primary responsibility for ensuring that your apprentice or trainee receives relevant workplace training and experience.

Registered training organisation responsibilities

  • Your RTO delivers formal training and assessments to complement your workplace training efforts.
  • Your RTO must provide you and your apprentice/ trainee with a copy of the training plan. For traineeships up to 12 months your RTO has 6 weeks to develop the full training plan from the commencement of training and for traineeships and apprenticeships 12 months or longer, it has 12 weeks to develop the full training plan.

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Contact your Apprenticeship Network Provider or your local State Training Service centre if any difficulties arise.

Training Services NSW can be contacted on 13 28 11.

Page last updated: 07 April 2016