Can my apprentice/trainee complete early?

In NSW apprentices and trainees can complete their training contract ahead of time. This is known as competency-based completion (previously known as 'early completion').

Competency-based completion

As an employer you may support competency-based completion of your apprentice or trainee because:

  • you will have a qualified employee sooner
  • your apprentice or trainee can take on more responsibility at work, including supervising other apprentices or trainees
  • you will get your Commonwealth incentive payment earlier
  • you will have greater employee flexibility within your organisation.

Conditions for competency-based completion

You can request competency-based completion of the apprenticeship or traineeship if:

  1. your apprentice or trainee has completed their formal training through their Registered Training Organisation
  2. you are able to confirm that your apprentice or trainee has demonstrated all the required competencies
  3. both you and your apprentice or trainee agree to an early completion.

How to apply

Complete a Request for Competency-Based Completion. Your Australian Apprenticeships Centre agent can assist you to prepare and lodge the request.

Submit your request to your nearest NSW Department of Education, Training Services NSW office for approval.


A request for competency-based completion can be made by one party. Where the other part does not support the request, State Training services may refer the matter to the Vocational Training Tribunal for determination. The Tribunal may seek independent industry advice in regard to the on-the-job competence of the apprentice or trainee.

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Page last updated: 2 February 2021