Inappropriate or inadequate training

Problems in apprentice and trainee training can arise when

  • training is mismatched to the chosen apprenticeship or traineeship or
  • poor or insufficient training is provided.

Incorrect training course

If it becomes apparent that your apprentice or trainee is getting training that is not relevant to the apprenticeship or traineeship check the Full Training Plan and arrange with your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to correct the error.

If the training is significantly different or a reasonable amount of time has passed, arrangements for catch up will required.

Not happy with the training provided

If you think your RTO’s training delivery is not meeting the requirements of the Full
Training Plan or the standards expected, discuss your concerns with your RTO in the first instance. The majority of training issues can be resolved through negotiation with your RTO.

If the problem continues you should seek assistance from your Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) and/or a training advisor from your local Training Services NSW centre (ph 13 28 11) who can offer advice and negotiate an outcome for you.

You can choose to change your RTO. Your ANP can assist you with choosing a new RTO.


There are official standards that govern how RTOs train. These standards are set out in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

The training contract between you and your apprentice or trainee requires that training is provided in accordance with the standards and quality described in the Full Training Plan.

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Your role

You have the primary responsibility for ensuring that your apprentice or trainee is provided with relevant training and experience.

You are expected to

  • provide them with workplace training
  • liaise with your RTO about their attendance, participation and progress in formal training
  • release them from work to attend formal training with the RTO
  • report any training issues that might arise to the local Training Services NSW office.

RTO's role

Your RTO delivers formal training and/or assessments to complement your workplace training.

You choose your RTO from an extensive list of approved training organisations, at the time of commencement of the training contract.

Your RTO is approved to deliver training to the standards set out in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). Each RTO is approved to deliver qualifications for which they have the necessary resources and expertise.

Your RTO must develop a Full Training Plan that meets your apprentice’s or trainee’s individual learning needs, the needs of your workplace, and the vocational qualification requirements. You and your apprentice or trainee must be given a copy of that plan.

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Page last updated: 07 April 2016