Recognition of trade skills - information for employers

Recognition of skills and training is a process which formally recognises the skills and experience of an individual obtained outside of Australia or maps prior learning and skills to current qualifications.

If your employee has trade skills and experience but has never completed an apprenticeship or gained a formal certificate, they may approach a registered training provider to have their skills assessed and be formally recognised as a tradesperson.

Benefits of Qualifications and obtaining a Certificate of Proficiency

If your employee obtains a Certificate of Proficiency, it could help your business through:

  • meeting industry licensing requirements
  • meeting contractual and tender requirements regarding workforce skills.

Who can apply for a Certificate of Proficiency?

If your employee obtains an Australian qualification, they can apply to the Commissioner for Vocational Training to obtain a Certificate of Proficiency. Applicants must supply evidence that they have:

  • acquired an appropriate Australian qualification
  • worked in the particular trade in Australia for a minimum of 12 months and, additionally
  • worked in the particular trade for the period consistent with the associated Vocational Training Order in Australia or Overseas, or
  • completed an apprenticeship or other trade training in Australia or Overseas, or
  • completed a recognised industry assessment program.

How to apply for a Certificate of Proficiency

Go to our Certificate of Proficiency page

  • for extended information on the trades recognised by the Commissioner
  • to print out the application form for your employee to complete
  • for a copy of the Application for a Certificate of Proficiency brochure.
Page last updated: 11 November 2021