Suspending a training contract

Suspension of an apprenticeship or traineeship is appropriate when one or both parties are unable to fulfil their obligations for a specified period but retain their commitment to the training contract and each other.

When would you suspend a training contract?

Employers may seek a suspension if:

  • they are closing their business temporarily
  • there is a seasonal lack of work.

Apprentices and trainees can seek a suspension if:

  • they are recovering from illness or injury
  • participating in a sporting event
  • going on an exchange program
  • there is another reason why they can't meet their obligations under the training contract for a specified period.

Conditions for suspending

Your training contract can be suspended by mutual agreement between you and your apprentice or trainee.

You cannot force your apprentice or trainee to agree to a suspension. The Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 states that suspensions will not be approved if undue influence has been exerted on the apprentice/trainee by any party.

Similarly, your apprentice or trainee cannot simply cease work without your consent.

Contact Training Services NSW to be directed to your local office immediately if there is a problem - phone 13 28 11.

Get advice first

Talk to your Australian Apprenticeships Centre for advice in all cases where a change to your training contract is required.

Your local Training Services NSW office can also help - ph 13 28 11

How to apply

Complete a Suspension of Apprenticeship or Traineeship form (pdf 48kB) and lodge it with your local Training Services NSW office.

If you want to suspend your training contract and your apprentice or trainee does not agree, you should contact your local Training Services NSW office immediately by phone on 13 28 11.

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Page last updated: 27 July 2016