What is The Full Training Plan - do I need one?

The Full Training Plan is your road map to your apprentice/trainee’s training. All the details of what your apprentice/trainee is to learn and the time frame for learning are contained in the Full Training Plan.

The Training Plan Summary

The Training Plan Summary is drawn up with you and your apprentice/trainee by the Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) at the time of sign-up.

The training plan summary shows:

  • the qualification to be delivered
  • the mode of delivery (e.g. classroom based, block release, online learning)
  • the date that training will commence.

The ANP sends this to the registered training organisation (RTO) to get their agreement.

The Full Training Plan

The Full Training Plan is drawn up by the RTO in consultation with you and your apprentice/trainee. This plan is customised to ensure that the competencies that make up the qualification are relevant to your business. The The Full Training Plan includes:

  • the title of the formal qualification to be undertaken by your apprentice/trainee
  • the commencement date of the formal training
  • the mode of delivery of formal training by the RTO (e.g. classroom based, block release, online learning etc)
  • how and when assessments will happen
  • the Units of Competency, including any elective units, that will make up the qualification
  • training materials to be provided by the RTO to your apprentice or trainee
  • the competency record books or work evidence records which you will need to sign off
  • arrangements for providing RTO training support to yourself if required
  • specific assistance to be provided by the RTO to the apprentice/trainee to meet any special learning needs eg literacy, numeracy, mentoring.

The Full Training Plan must be completed within 6-12 weeks after commencement of the apprenticeship or traineeship and a copy provided to you and your apprentice/trainee.

Find an RTO

Only approved and registered training organisations can provide training for apprentices and trainees.

You chose your own RTO.

  • Your Apprenticehip Network Provider can provide you with options

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RTO responsibilities

Your RTO is expected to:

  • draw up the plan in accordance with the correct training package for the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • negotiate the respective roles that each of you will have in both training delivery and assessment
  • complete the full training plan within 6-12 weeks of your apprentice/trainee commencing training
  • ensure a signed copy of the full training plan is given to you and to your apprentice/trainee.

Prior learning credits

Credit for any competencies already held by your apprentice/trainee can be incorporated into the Training Plan through the process of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


If you don’t have a copy of the full training plan ask the trainer from your RTO to provide you with one.

If you think that your apprentice/trainee is not being trained in accordance with the training plan you should discuss your concerns with your RTO.

Talk to your Apprenticeship Network Provider or a Training Services NSW Training Advisor if you have ongoing problems.

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Page last updated: 07 April 2016