Varying a training contract

The training contract that you have with your apprentice or trainee sets out the rights and obligations of both parties for the duration of the contract.

It is possible to vary or amend the detail of the contract in order to maintain its currency and to meet changing circumstances.

Conditions of request

A request to vary the training contract can be made by both parties or by either of them alone.

In the case of a variation request from only one party Training Services NSW will seek the consent of the other party before proceeding.

Employers must notify Training Services NSW within 14 days of changes to the training contract such as

  • a change of RTO
  • a change of business name
  • a termination of trainee apprentices
  • or any other matters that may affect the training.

Variation options

Variations to the training contract can be requested to change

  • The term (duration) of the contract
  • The employer’s details, such as legal and/or trading name
  • The apprentice’s or trainee’s details
  • Full/time to part/time employment or vice versa
  • The vocation or qualification being undertaken
  • The registered training provider delivering the formal training
  • The training delivery mode, for example distance learning or block release
  • Credit for skills and knowledge already attained by the learner
  • Early completion.

Lodge a request to vary or amend the contract

Talk to your Australian Apprenticeship Centre about varying the contract. They will assist your complete the correct form.

Submit your application form to Training Services NSW.

In some cases supporting documentation may be required – this is specified on the relevant form.

The parties will receive written notification from Training Services NSW advising them of the outcome of their application to vary the training contract.

In some circumstances Training Services NSW may require the parties to cancel the existing training contract and establish a new one.

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Page last updated: 07 April 2016