Apprentice/trainee wages

All apprentices and trainees must be employed under an appropriate industrial arrangement.

Industrial awards or agreements coverage

  • The award or industrial agreement under which you employ your apprentice or trainee is shown at item 38 of your Training Contract.
  • You are required by law to have a copy of this award or industrial agreement on file in the workplace.
  • You are obliged by law to keep records of the time your apprentice or trainee works including attendance at off-the-job training and the wages they receive.
  • Your apprentice or trainee must be paid at least the wage rate set out in the award or industrial agreement.
  • You are also obliged to provide them with a standard pay slip.
  • Apprentices and trainees are eligible to receive the standard entitlements (e.g. sick, annual, parental, leave, overtime etc) stated in the industrial award or agreement.

Existing worker commences as a trainee

An existing worker is someone you have employed continuously for more than 3 months full-time or 12 months casual or part-time immediately prior to starting them in a traineeship.

The industrial arrangements that were in place prior to commencement of the traineeship remain in effect. This includes any changes to the awards during the period of the training agreement, such as superannuation, accrued leave and other entitlements.

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Award enquiries

NSW State Awards - NSW Office of Industrial Relations on 13 16 28.

For all inquiries regarding wages and working conditions contact the Fair Work Ombudsman or call 13 13 94.

Your employer association should also be able to provide relevant information.

Page last updated: 07 April 2020