Trade Recognition - Food Industry Trades

Qualification to be held by persons seeking trade recognition.

Issued: 1 April 2003
Reviewed: 20 January 2010
Reviewed: 10 November 2010

In view of increased public health requirements the Vocational Training Review Panel (VTRP) requires persons seeking trade recognition in food services trades to provide evidence of hygiene training. Trades involved are:

  • Baking Trade (Pastrycooking)
  • Baking Trade (Breadmaking)
  • Baking Trade (Baking)
  • Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)
  • Hospitality (Asian Cookery)
  • Hospitality (Patisserie)
  • Meat Processing Trade (Meat Retailing)

The VTRP has determined that as a minimum requirement for applicants seeking trade recognition in any of the above trades, they shall provide evidence of his/her successful completion of the SITXFSA101 - Use hygienic practices for food safety unit of competency, or equivalent, at the time of lodgement of their application.

Contact TAFE Information Centre on 131 601 for further information. You can also contact OTEN on 02 9715 8333 for information regarding this competency. OTEN provides open learning and distance education.

Other Registered Training Organisations delivering SITXFSA101 - Use hygienic practices for food safety unit of competency, or equivalent are;

Australian Hotel Association 9281 6922
Restaurant & Catering Association of New South Wales 1300722878

Applicants unable to provide such evidence may seek assistance in accessing a registered training organisation able to deliver the required training in hygiene and should advised to lodge the application when the evidence is available.

Commissioner for Vocational Training

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For any enquiries regarding these training arrangements, please contact the Vocational Training Review Panel on Phone 1300 772 104

Page last updated: 11 June 2020