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Business Reporting Tableau

We have created dashboards using Tableau software at the link below. The information is presented in a visual format and is fully interactive, enabling users to filter and sort data as they wish.

If you wish, you can download the free Tableau Reader desktop software, download the visualisation workbooks and interact with them on your own computer.

Hint: When you go to the Business Reporting Tableau site, you will see a number of boxes, each representing a visualisation workbook. Click on any box to open that workbook. To navigate the various views in a workbook, page down to the bottom right corner of the workbook page to the "Metadata" list and click any of the headings in the list.

On any screen, hovering the mouse over the charts shows a pop up window with figures specific to that row, bar, graph point etc. Excel-style filter boxes appear on the right side of the data screens.

Visit the Business Reporting Tableau

Other reports

The NSW Department of Education may from time to time publish other reports:



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