The Training is too hard

It's hard to learn

It is not uncommon for people to experience difficulties with learning. The important thing is to recognise when you have a problem and then to do something about it.

You might have a problem your training if you:

  • find that you cannot concentrate on your lessons
  • you are not passing units of study
  • you are not keeping up with other students.

This might be because you:

  • left school too early
  • have lost interest in the training
  • wrong training for the work you are doing
  • have a medical condition or disability that affects your learning
  • have personal problems which are getting in the way of your learning.

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Talk to someone who can help

Pinpoint the problem by talking with someone you are comfortable with, and who can do something for you:

  • your employer
  • your supervisor
  • your trainer
  • your Australian Apprenticeships Centre contact.

Together work out a plan to fix the problem.

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You might:

  • Ask for extra on the job training from your supervisor
  • Ask your employer to give you a 'buddy' at work to give you extra help
  • Arrange additional tutorial support from your trainer to help with any special learning needs
  • Extend the training contract. Both you and your employer have to agree on this and it must be approved before the official completion date!
  • It is also possible to change your Apprenticeship/Traineeship type and the level of qualification to something more appropriate. You will need the employer to agree to this - it must suit your workplace. Your contract will need to be changed.

For people with a medical condition or a disability there is assistance that:

  • Provides the employer with a wage supplement
  • Pays the trainer to provide tutorial, interpreter and mentor help
  • Can help pay for modifications to the workplace.

Contact your Australian Apprenticeships Centre for help with any of the above.

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Worst case scenario - cancel your apprenticeship or traineeship

When all else fails you and your employer can cancel your training contract. Be sure there is no other option.

Talk to someone whom you are comfortable with and who can advise you - your Australian Apprenticeships Centre contact is a good place to start.

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Ideas for preventing difficulties with training

1. Make sure you have chosen the right apprenticeship or traineeship: talk to a careers counsellor; research the job beforehand ; talk to someone who works in the job you are interested in.

  • Have you got the right education to cope with the training?
  • Are you really interested? Do you really know what the job is about? Do you have interests and hobbies that are similar?

2. Know what you are in for - read (pdf 600kB) up on what your responsibilities and obligations are in regards to the apprenticeship or traineeship.

3. The minute you feel you are having a problem, talk to someone. Don't wait till its too late.

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Training Services NSW is the Government authority for all aspects of Apprenticeships and Traineeships in NSW - ph 13 28 11

Page last updated: 07 April 2016