Apprenticeships & traineeships information for training providers

Under the NSW Government Fee Free Apprenticeship Initiative, NSW apprentices that commence their training on or after 1 July 2018 may be eligible for fee free training. For more information go to Skills NSW. For eligible apprentices there will be no requirement to pay the fee.

Under the NSW Government Fee Free Traineeship Initiative, NSW trainees that commence their training on or after 1 January 2020 may be eligible for fee free training. For more information go to Skills NSW. For eligible trainees there will be no requirement to pay the fee.


Approval to train apprentices and trainees

Training providers must be registered training organisations (RTOs) before they are allowed to train NSW apprentices and trainees. Only approved Smart and Skilled training providers can get funding to train apprentices and trainees.

Funding under Smart and Skilled

Government funding is available for the formal training component of apprenticeships and most traineeships. Under Smart and Skilled, all apprenticeships and most traineeship qualifications are subsidised. Training for existing-worker traineeships is not subsidised.

Under Smart and Skilled, a fee is set for each qualification, regardless of the time taken to complete that qualification. NSW apprentices and new-entrant trainees or their employers can pay the fee for the qualification in instalments over a number of years, but the fee is an amount for the qualification, fixed at the time the apprentice or trainee commences.

Under the NSW Government fee-free apprenticeship initiative, NSW apprentices that commence their training on or after 1 July 2018 may be eligible for fee-free training. For more information, go to For eligible apprentices there will be no requirement to pay the fee.


Some critical documents you need to read:

RTO notification - completions and issues

Since 1 April 2013, an obligation in the Training Plan requires RTOs to notify Training Services NSW of apprentices and trainees who have successfully completed their formal training.

Funded Apprenticeships and Traineeships

For apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications funded under Smart and Skilled, RTOs do not need to do anything as this obligation is met by submitting data through eReporting. RTOs should be mindful that Training Services NSW may rely on data (qualification issued) submitted through eReporting to initiate the completion process.

Unfunded Apprenticeships and Traineeships

For unfunded apprenticeships and traineeships (e.g. existing worker traineeships, some Diploma level traineeships etc), RTOs are required to lodge data using the 'completions' functionality available through the RTO portal.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Issues

RTOs are required to notify Training Services NSW of any matter that may affect the successful completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship for which they are the nominated RTO. For further information regarding this obligation, including processes and notification form, go to the RTO Notification Process [pdf 207kb].

Student enrolment rollovers

RTOs that need to update the enrolment of apprentices and trainees to the current qualification must notify Training Services NSW.

Training Services NSW has streamlined this process to make it as easy as possible for all concerned. Where the only change to the training contract will be an updated qualification, Training Services NSW can vary the apprenticeships and traineeships without needing to contact employers and apprentices/trainees to confirm their consent. For further information contact Training Services NSW on 13 28 11.

Training packages

Training packages are endorsed collections of reference materials that define the national standards and qualifications for recognising and assessing people's skills in specific vocations. They include:

  • competency units
  • listing of qualifications
  • assessment guidelines
  • recognised training resources and links to the supplier/vendor.

Training packages are created by national industry bodies such as skills councils and major employers.

When a new training package is created nationally, or an existing one is amended, the relevant NSW Industry Training Advisory Body (ITAB) assesses the suitability of the package for the endorsement of an apprenticeship or traineeship in NSW.

In NSW the primary source of information for apprenticeships and traineeships is the NSW Vocational Training Orders, Commissioner Information Bulletins and qualification documents. These form a package of official training information - job and qualification descriptions, lists of competencies, training arrangements and resources, industrial relations issues etc.

You can supplement this information by using nationally endorsed training package materials.

Training plans

RTOs are expected to use the following training plan template:

Please also refer to:


For information on the NSW apprenticeship and traineeship system, please call your local Training Services NSW office on 13 28 11.

Page last updated: 05 February 2021