Group Training Organisations (GTOs)

GTOs support the apprenticeship and traineeship system in Australia by providing:

  • employment for apprentices and trainees
  • administrative support to you as an employer while acting as a host to these apprentices and trainees.

In NSW GTOs are registered under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001. They have been audited by independent auditors and are compliant with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations. Registration assists consistent quality in group training activities across the State.

Roles and responsibilities

As the legal employer GTOs:

  • select the apprentice/trainee carefully to ensure that they are suitable for placement with a host employer
  • monitor award conditions and pay rates
  • take responsibility for all paperwork connected with wages, allowances, superannuation, workers’ compensation, sick/holiday pay and other employee entitlements
  • act as a consultant and trouble-shooter throughout the period of employment and training
  • manage the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the apprenticeship or traineeship.

Benefits of using a GTO

The benefits of using a GTO to employ your apprentice or trainee include:

  • Flexibility and security. An apprentice or trainee can be rotated through a number of host employers to receive training which allows:
    • the apprentice or trainee to receive the broadest industry experience possible
    • provision to change if the ‘host employer’ is unable to continue to offer work or the host placement doesn’t work out.
  • GTOs are particularly useful for small and specialised employers who might not have the capacity to employ an apprentices or trainees for the full period of the training contract.
  • The GTO will arrange formal training for apprentices and trainees.
  • The GTO monitors both the on-the-job and formal training to ensure that high quality and relevant training is provided in a safe environment.
  • The GTO takes care of all wages and employment records, leaving the host employer free to run their business.
  • Ongoing support is offered to apprentices and trainees to make sure the contract and training runs smoothly.
  • Some GTOs offer assistance in finding permanent employment at the completion of the apprenticeship or traineeship.

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National Standards

Organisations who wish to operate as a registered group training organisation in NSW must comply with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations (pdf - 131KB).

The National Standards were implemented by all states/territories to ensure that registered GTOs provide quality service to Australian Apprentices and host employers.

The national standards provide a level of quality assurance for GTOs. The key elements are to:

  • provide the framework for a nationally consistent, robust, group training service brand
  • assist GTOs to monitor and improve their organisation's performance
  • provide federal, state and territory governments with a consistent basis for the recognition, support and monitoring of GTOs.

GTOs meeting the national standards are listed on Group Training National Register Website database.

How to become a registered GTO

GTOs wishing to be registered in NSW must submit an application to Training Services NSW, Department of Industry. An organisation which has been registered as a GTO in another state or territory still needs to apply for registration in NSW. Organisations need to apply for re-registration at least once every three years following the initial registration.

GTOs seeking registration or re-registration should download the following documents:

Part 1 Registration Guide (Word - 208KB)
Part 2 The National Standards for Group Training Organisations (pdf - 131KB) and Resources Handbook (pdf - 178KB)
Part 3 Application to Register (Word - 87KB)
Part 4 Compliance Assessment Report (Word - 303KB)

An example of a Group Training Company Manual (Word 673KB) is available to assist GTOs prepare their documentation.

A Best Practice in the Financial Management Systems of Group Training Companies is also available which includes The "How-To" Guide.

Registered GTOs in NSW

Click here for contact details of registered GTOs.

The GTOs are listed alphabetically, and details provided include:

  • the industries in which they offer employment
  • the regions/areas they operate in

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For further information about GTOs and registration contact:

For advice on apprenticeships and traineeships contact your local Training Services NSW Regional Centre on 13 28 11.

Page last updated: 27 July 2016