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  • a guide to identifying skills development
  • training packages suitable for your industry and company
  • understanding job pathways (qualifications for skills development)
  • customisation of training material for your workplace
  • professional advice, labour market advice and statistics

Training Services NSW Training Advice

Training Services NSW has regional offices servicing the needs of local industry, training providers and individuals. Training Services NSW provides expert vocational training and development advice and assistance including:

  • the provision of customised information and advice to industry on the range of programs and services offered by Training Services NSW
  • coordination for whole of government responses at a local level to support skill development and training support - such as the responses needed for business closures and retrenchments
  • industry consultation on identifying priorities for funded training needs
  • provision of advice and quality assurance of regulatory requirements for apprenticeships and traineeships
  • an easy access point for clients to information and advice on vocational training, in particular apprenticeships and traineeships
  • implementation of training programs and brokering the take-up of training with industry and priority clients.

Phone (13 28 11) or visit your local Training Services NSW Centre.

NSW Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs)

NSW has a network of ITABs covering all major industry groups. They assist industry to achieve and maintain a workforce with the right levels and mix of skills to meet business goals.

They can add value to your organisation by:

  • working with you to develop training needs analysis
  • providing information on the availability of and access to training and skills development options to meet your specific needs, and more.

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