Group Training Organisation (GTO) Recruitment Program and Apprenticeship Completion Incentive Program


The Department, through Training Services NSW, is responsible for the administration and management of the following two programs (the Programs):

  • Group Training Organisation (GTO) Recruitment Program, and
  • Apprenticeship Completion Incentive Program.

The GTO Recruitment Program provides funding to GTOs to recruit, screen, induct and refer 15-40 year old people to Partner Providers to undertake pre-apprenticeship training, with a view that the participants will enter into a Training Contract on completion of the pre-apprenticeship training.
The Program allows students to:

  • familiarise themselves with vocational choices and the requirements of the workplace
  • receive support and advice from a GTO and Partner Provider to assess whether a particular type of pre-apprenticeship is suitable; prior to committing to an apprenticeship;
  • undertake pre-apprenticeship training;
  • receive mentoring and assistance to complete their pre-apprenticeship training and where possible, transition into an apprenticeship or further education.

The Apprenticeship Completion Incentive Program provides GTOs with a $1,000 payment for each apprentice (up to a maximum cap) who completes an apprenticeship on or before 30 June 2020.


The Programs aim to achieve:

  • over 800 commencements in pre-apprenticeship training across NSW
  • greater than 85% completion rate in pre-apprenticeship training
  • greater than 50% transition rate into apprenticeships, traineeships and/or further education, and
  • over 750 Apprenticeship Completions by 30 June 2020.

How to participate

To be eligible to participate in the Programs:

GTO Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Programs, a GTO must:

  • be a registered GTO in NSW under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 and maintain its registration
  • have been engaged in either the previous GTO Pre Apprenticeship and Pre Traineeship Training Partnering Program or the Apprenticeship Completion Incentive Program (2016-2019)
  • support an industry which employs apprentices or trainees in NSW
  • be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and
  • have the capacity to employ apprentices or trainees in NSW.

The Department will determine if a GTO is eligible in its absolute discretion.

Partner Provider Eligibility and Role

The role of the Partner Provider is to:

  • comply with its Smart and Skilled Contract;
  • accept referred students from GTOs;
  • develop suitable training programs for students resulting in credentials when they progress into an apprenticeship or traineeship;
  • submit a TNI application to Training Services NSW Regional Office(s) for approximately 4-6 units of competency of pre-apprenticeship training which does not exceed the first year of the apprenticeship;
  • notify the GTO that the Department has offered an Activity Schedule for the training. The Partner Provider must accept the Activity Schedule, and follow the process for student enrolments and reporting student Training Activity Data;
  • obtain a student declaration that provides consent to share information;
  • develop and maintain a record of the Training Plan that complies with the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001;
  • provide, or assist with, other support services such as attending information sessions, participant selection, work placement, mentoring support, post course placement into a Training Contract and advice to students;
  • work collaboratively with the GTOs to ensure training needs are met;
  • complete any pre-apprenticeship training by 30 June 2020;
  • enable the pre-apprenticeship training to support a declared apprenticeship or traineeship vocation in NSW; and
  • ensure that training for eligible students will not incur a student fee as per the Targeted Priorities Prevocational and Part Qualifications Program Provider Guidelines.

Student Eligibility

The following people are eligible for pre-apprenticeship training:

More information on the school leaving age.


A GTO's Allocation for the pre-apprenticeship and completion programs is determined by:

  • a GTO’s capacity to achieve its proposed Target Allocations
  • previous performance under GTO programs funded by the Department and apprenticeship or traineeship commencements, retentions and completions
  • the Department’s budget
  • any relevant information the Department holds about the GTO, and
  • an ability to achieve Target Allocations by 30 June 2020.

GTO Recruitment Program

The Program consists of payment up to $1,900 per approved Target Allocation for pre-apprenticeship. This payment may include:

  • an initial payment of $700 per funded Target Allocation
  • a completion payment of $300 per student confirmed to have completed pre-apprenticeship training
  • a transition payment of $900 per student confirmed to have commenced in a registered Training Contract for an apprenticeship or traineeship.

The funding provided to GTOs may be used towards the employment of a project officer, additional advertising, engagement sessions, or other support to achieve an apprentice or trainee outcome.


Apprenticeship Completion Incentive Program

The Apprenticeship Completion Incentive Program consists of a payment of $1,000 for each apprenticeship completion (up to a maximum cap).

Please note: The Department will only pay a GTO on actual Apprenticeship Completions. An actual Apprenticeship Completion is when an Apprenticeship Training Contract achieves a status of Complete Proficiency on or before 30 June 2020.

Where to find training

For students and employers, please use the Group Training Organisations spreadsheet [.xlsx 39KB] to contact and enquire about availability.

Page last updated: 11 June 2020