North Coast Floods - from heartbreak to heart starter

The recent floods on the North Coast in March brought heartbreak to communities, businesses and householders whose premises were inundated with water. The cost of damages and losses have been estimated to tally in the millions of dollars.

North Coast floods at the edge of the Westlawn Building in Lismore's CBDHowever, this tragic natural disaster has also created a terrific community spirit of support and a grassroots “Come to the Heart” campaign to help re-invigorate Lismore’s Central Business District, where our North Coast office is located. Staff have offered support to local employers in the area.

A pre-scheduled visit by the Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, to Lismore to announce the arrival of the NSW Government’s Business Bus on 22 March, provided an opportunity for our deputy premier to announce the special forums organised by our Department to support to those affected by the flood.

At this announcement, our Regional Manager, Phil Borrow, provided advice to apprentice and trainee employers to help them over any training difficulties that had arisen because of the floods.  Our local office staff have also contacted employers direct to offer assistance, which has included how to manage employment based training and extensions of terms, or other variations.

Page last updated: 17 May 2017