Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) Program

Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer Program

The Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) Program is a free program for Aboriginal people considering starting up their own business or expanding their current business.

There are seven (7) AEDO projects operating across NSW.


The AEDO program aims to increase the confidence and expertise of Aboriginal people to become self-employed and to encourage an entrepreneurial culture within Aboriginal communities.

The role of the AEDO

Aboriginal Business Advisors can provide advice, support and referral services including:

  • help clients start up a small business
  • assist in the development of a business plan
  • arrange accredited small business training
  • provide information on financial management
  • provide ongoing mentoring support once a business is up and running
  • provide information on how to apply for funding.

AEDO Program Outcomes

The Department of Industry selects non-profit, community-based sponsor organisations through a tender process.

  • Contracts are awarded for 3 years.
  • Successful organisations apply annually for funding.
  • Organisations are funded for salary, on costs and other approved administrative and support costs for the AEDO.

Sponsor organisations must

  • be able to demonstrate expertise in business creation, business advisory and enterprise development
  • recruit an Aboriginal person to the position of AEDO. (This position is identified and exempted under section 21 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977)
  • provide details of what training and development opportunities will be undertaken by the AEDO.

Application Process - Closed

Applications for the Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) Program have now closed.

Client Feedback Survey

Feedback is critical for Training Services NSW, Aboriginal Services to continuously improve the delivery of our Aboriginal programs and services.

If you have accessed the AEDO program for business advisory support services, please let us know what you think - AEDO client survey [Pdf 600kB]


For assistance setting up a business in an Aboriginal community, contact an Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO) [Pdf 431Kb]

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