Aboriginal Workforce Development

Aboriginal Employment Unit

Aboriginal Services support's Industry by providing a one-stop Aboriginal employment advisory service.


To create and deliver workforce development strategies to employers and industry sectors wanting to employ and retain Aboriginal apprentices and trainees in their workforce.


To assist employers and trainees achieve sustainable ongoing Aboriginal employment by providing a range of ‘wrap around' services from Training Services NSW.

The wrap around services included:

  • Traineeship advice
  • Workplace capacity to train and retain
  • Recruitment support
  • Aboriginal mentor support
  • Introduction to Cultural Awareness, and;
  • Aboriginal Supervisor workshops

Case Studies

  • The Aboriginal Jobs Together Program: supported the employment of 155 new Aboriginal cadets and trainees within the non-government disability and community services sectors.
  • Aboriginal Careers in Mental Health: supported the employment of 50 new Aboriginal cadets and trainees within the non-government mental health sector.
  • Aboriginal Communities Water and Sewerage initiative supported the employment and upskilling of up to 13 Aboriginal trainees in the water and sewerage sector within local government.


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Page last updated: 11 December 2017