Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Grant

Aboriginal Initiatives

Innovation in achieving vocational outcomes for Aboriginal people

The Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Grant (EDAEG) adopts a number of strategies to develop and support Aboriginal people through the creation of training and employment opportunities. Promoting diversity, innovation and service responsiveness in the NSW workforce, the Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Grant subsidises the salary, development and support costs of Aboriginal employees in public service agencies and local government authorities.

Grant Elements

  • Permanent Employment – $30,000 up to $40,000 (dependant on level of position) to support permanent employment.
  • Temporary Secondment – $20,000 up to $40,000 (dependant on level of position) to support a temporary position of up to 12 months that offers significant skill development for a permanent employee.
  • School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships – $10,000 one off payment to support school-based apprenticeships and traineeships.



Organisations applying for funding under the EDAEG must be registered, based in NSW and provide services within the State.

To be eligible, organisations must be a:

  • NSW public service agency; or
  • NSW local government authority operating under the Local Government Act 1993.


Funding will NOT be provided to support:

  • Positions that form part of an organisations bulk or annual recruitment intake
  • Existing positions within an organisations staffing structure
  • A position(s) that has previously been funded under the program
  • A position(s) that has previously been funded under the Temporary Placement/Secondment element of the program
  • A position(s) that has been filled prior to the closing date for applications i.e. no retrospective funding.

How to Apply

Visit elsadixon.smartygrants.com.au and complete the application for any or all of the EDAEG elements.

Organisations approved for funding will receive correspondence via email. An Offer of funding from the Department will outline the amount of funding approved and the position(s) for which funding has been provided.

The grant offer will be dependent upon the employing organisation:

  • immediately commencing recruitment action for the funded position(s). The recruitment process must be finalised and an Aboriginal person must commence in the funded position within three (3) months of the date of the offer of grant.
  • accepting the offer

The offer of funding will lapse if the Department does not receive recruitment details and the grant is not accepted within the required time frame.

Grant Guidelines and Factsheets

Further information regarding the Grant can be found here:


Mitch Lowrie - Elsa Dixon Program Manager
Ph: (02) 4240 3700

Page last updated: 6 April 2020