Aboriginal Services

Aboriginal Services

The Department of Education and Communities is committed to improving the vocational outcomes and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people so that they excel and achieve in every aspect of their education and training.

In line with this policy State Training Services has created the Aboriginal Services unit to manages a number of programs. These focus on improving access to employment and creating business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In referring to Aboriginal people, State Training Services refers inclusively to all Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islander people.

Further information can be accessed from the links below:


Smart and Skilled and Deadly - Training for Aboriginal people in NSW. Training in NSW is changing. Read about Smart and Skilled here.


The Way Ahead for Aboriginal People Program
The Way Ahead for Aboriginal People which provides mentoring services for Aboriginal apprentices and trainees who need additional support in the workplace. Require an Aboriginal mentor, please Click Here


Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer Program
The Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer Program trains suitable people to act as mentors and support for Aboriginal people who want to set up a business.


New Careers for Aboriginal People Program
New Careers for Aboriginal People
is a program to help Aboriginal people find work or improve their current job situation.


Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Program
The Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Program uses a number strategies to skills and support Aboriginal people and create employment opportunities.


The Aboriginal Employment Unit
The Aboriginal Employment Unit is supporting workforce development initiatives with Industry in NSW.


Aboriginal Programs Advisory Committee

The Aboriginal Programs Advisory Committee has the critical role to provide direction and leadership  in relation to the inclusion of non-government organisations and community views into all levels of the programs, including Policy, Planning and Service Operations.

Read more - Aboriginal Programs Advisory Committee Guidelines
               - Committee Members


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