NSW Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs)

Review of industry advisory arrangements in New South Wales

The NSW Department of Industry contracted Ithaca Group to review industry advisory arrangements in New South Wales. New NSW industry advisory arrangements are scheduled to be in place by 1 January 2017. Download the Final Report [PDF 198KB].


Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs) are autonomous, industry based bodies that represent their industries on training and related matters to support the vocational education and training system. There are 10 ITABs, with each covering specific industry sectors.


NSW ITABs are a key source of industry advice for the NSW Government. ITABs provide streamlined, unique and timely advice to the Department on the training and skill needs of their NSW industry sectors to facilitate workforce development.

Services they provide


ITABs are contracted by the NSW Department of Industry to provide core services in six key performance areas (KPAs). The KPAs are to:

  • identify industry skill needs, priorities and skills development issues for funded training in New South Wales
  • support the delivery of quality training in New South Wales
  • promote training to industry and broker services to assist in the take-up of funded training in collaboration with Training Services NSW
  • advise on apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements in New South Wales including school based arrangements and the establishment of Vocational Training Orders
  • advise on the development, review and implementation of training packages
  • support the delivery of vocational education and training to school students.NSW ITABs maintain close contact with regulatory bodies and national industry skills councils. ITAB boards and committees include representatives from relevant employer and employee associations, training providers and regulatory authorities

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Industry sector coverage in NSW

ITABs cover 10 major industry areas in NSW and their board members represent significant enterprises, employers and unions of their respective industry sectors. The industry groups and associated ITABs are:

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NSW ITAB industry groupings, contact details and training package coverage

NSW ITAB Fact Sheet

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NSW ITABs Good News Stories 2015 to 2016

ITABs provide the NSW Department of Industry with independent advice on the skill and training needs of industry to enable a skilled workforce that can support future economic growth and development, including in regional New South Wales.

Eleven ITABs reported significant achievements over the 2015-2016 contract period in support of the Department's objectives. They have supported the work of the Department's Training Services NSW Branch and implementation of Smart and Skilled.

Highlights of recent work by the ITABs are provided here.

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Vera Kostadinovska
Training Services NSW
NSW Department of Industry
Level 12 | 1 Oxford Street | Darlinghurst NSW 2010
T: (02) 9244 5785
E: vera.kostadinovska@industry.nsw.gov.au W: www.training.gov.au

Anne Ricketts
Training Services NSW
NSW Department of Industry
Level 12 | 1 Oxford Street | Darlinghurst NSW 2010
T: (02) 9244 5874
E: anne.ricketts@industry.nsw.gov.au W: www.training.gov.au

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