Entrepreneurial 'Learning in Action' program – applications now open

Young Entrepreneurs Learning in Action programs When it comes to supporting secondary students to become job-ready, industry plays a crucial role. The NSW Government has joined forces with startup.business with support from Training Services NSW Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) officers to build stronger networks and increase partnerships to boost student awareness of career opportunities in their local region.

About the Entrepreneurial 'Learning in Action' program

The NSW Government is proud to support the startup.business Entrepreneurial 'Learning in Action' program, an exciting in-curriculum program that teaches high school students how to solve problems facing current and emerging industries, using innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset.

After the success of a nationwide pilot in the agriculture sector through industry funding, NSW Government is investing in 20 selected schools across regional NSW to participate in the startup.business Entrepreneurial 'Learning in Action' program as part of the Local Schools for Local Industry Initiative.

Program benefits

The program is delivered through a simple framework comprising six modules, a full 2-day Professional Development training course for teachers and Career Advisors; ongoing support and all course materials for an in-curriculum program to be delivered over one or two school terms.

The course culminates in a pitch competition at each school, with students invited to pitch their innovative business idea to a panel of judges. Winning students from each of the 20 schools will then compete at a state final event run as part of the Brilliant Business Kids Festival held in regional NSW.

The top two winners will progress to the national pitch competition final as part of the National Brilliant Business Kids Festival at The University of Sydney Business School in November 2020. The winners will meet peers from across Australia and have a full-day immersion in masterclasses, talks and workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for funding to be part of the Local Schools for Local Industry Initiative a school must:

  • be a regional Secondary School located in the regions/areas identified in Table 1: Targeted Regions/Area
  • deliver the course in conjunction with Stage 5 Commerce as a school developed option or Stage 5 Geography
  • have approval by your principal the apply
  • deliver the course in Term 2 and/or Term 3 in the same calendar year 2020
  • commit to a minimum of one class (and a minimum of 15 students) to participate in the program
  • provide a committed teacher and a supporting Careers Adviser (if applicable) willing to undertake professional development during the allocated time and deliver the course in its entirety
  • participate in and film (or livestream) the school pitch event during allocated time frame
  • be available if selected to compete at the Schools Initiative: Festival/Pitch Event
  • be available if selected to compete in the National Brilliant Business Kids Festival hosted by The University of Sydney in November in each year.

Selected schools will also be required to complete an Operating Agreement and additional terms and conditions only once they have been identified as one of the 20 selected to participate in the program for 2020.

How to apply

The online application should be completed by a teacher or nominated member of staff from the school. If you are a student or parent, please encourage your school to apply.

Before completing the online application, we recommend you check your suitability by taking the brief pre-application quiz below. If you answer YES to four or more questions, we encourage you to submit a formal online application. The online application will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Applications close Friday 12th July 5:00pm.

Pre application quiz

  • Do you meet all eligibility requirements outlined above?
  • Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship?
  • Do you have an interest in current and emerging industries in your local region?
  • Do you want your students to engage in Problem Based Learning activities?
  • Do you have a class of students currently enrolled in Stage 5 Commerce or Stage 5 Geography?
  • Do you have an interest in growing the uptake of students in Business electives?
  • Are you interested in increasing engagement between your students and local business?

For all enquiries contact:
Liz Jackson
Director - Education and Programs at startup.business

Find out more about startup.business Entrepreneurial Learning in Action programs.

Table 1 - Targeted Regions/Area

Region / Area RIEP Officer Contact Details
Hunter & Central Coast
Newcastle/Hunter Helen Harvey
M: 0447 856 540
E: helen.harvey@industry.nsw.gov.au
Central Coast Ken Rowley M: 0427 122 493
E: ken.rowley@industry.nsw.gov.au
Illawarra & South East NSW
Wollongong Jenny Watts M: 0418 246 838
E: jenny.watts@industry.nsw.gov.au
Queanbeyan Sean Douglas M: 0447 831 462
E: sean.douglas@industry.nsw.gov.au
New England
New England Anthony Hollis M: 0419 406 851
E: anthony.hollis@industry.nsw.gov.au
North Coast & Mid North Coast
Lismore Damon McCarthy M: 0448 986 935
E: damon.mccarthy@industry.nsw.gov.au
Port Macquarie Stacey Mitchell Bales M: 0448 987 240
E: stacey.mitchell@industry.nsw.gov.au
Riverina Nathan Cooper M: 0417 482 066
E: nathan.cooper@industry.nsw.gov.au
Western NSW
Dubbo Grant Fish M: 0447 840 516
E: grant.fish@industry.nsw.gov.au
Cobar Tom Brain M: 0477 351 302
E: thomas.brain@industry.nsw.gov.au
Orange Jacquie Smith M: 0447 817 662
E: jacquie.smith@industry.nsw.gov.au
Partnerships Team
Head Office Nick Minto, Manager P: 8267 7791 M: 0431 590 952
E: nicholas.minto@industry.nsw.gov.au
Fiona Buhler,
Senior Project Officer
P: 8267 7862   M: 0417 412 795
E: fiona.buhler@industry.nsw.gov.au
Dean Mason,
Project Support Officer
P: 8267 7639
E: dean.mason@industry.nsw.gov.au
Page last updated: 12 June 2019