Step safely into construction with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an essential requirement for students  to participate in  construction face to face delivery of training and assessment.

In some instances, the Commonwealth Government’s jobactive program subsidies the cost of PPE for unemployed students. Other students may experience financial hardship purchasing PPE, purchase sub-standard equipment or may be unable to participate in training/assessment at all due to the prohibitive cost of PPE.

The NSW Department of Education (the Department) is seeking to remove this barrier by providing free PPE packs to eligible NSW JobTrainer - Construction students.

Initiative information

The PPE pack consists of high-quality construction boots and a hard hat which will be available to students after enrolment.

The PPE packs are for students undertaking their part qualification construction training  and to assist with a ‘job-ready’ transition to employment.

PPE packs are for current NSW JobTrainer – Construction students only, who are about to commence training.

Packs can be ordered until 30 November 2021.

The Department will monitor the demand for PPE packs and may make adjustments to the initiative to ensure it reaches those most in need of assistance.

The intent of this initiative is to provide PPE for students who are not eligible for financial assistance from Jobactive for their PPE (hard hat and boots).

Providers should ensure that students first explore assistance from Jobactive before ordering any PPE packs through this initiative.

Participation by Smart and Skilled  providers in this initiative is voluntary.

PPE pack  eligibility

PPE packs are for NSW JobTrainer – Construction students, specifically those who are unemployed and need PPE to complete their training.

They are not for existing workers in the construction industry who “are expected to become unemployed”.

Students must:

  • be enrolled in a NSW JobTrainer – Construction part qualification that requires face to face delivery of training/assessment on a construction site
  • require the PPE for training and assessment of construction trade related qualifications from the following training packages only:
    • Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII), Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC), Electrotechnology (UEE), Manufacturing and Engineering (MEM)
    • construction related Transport and Logistics (TLI) high risk license units of competency.

and  fit into at least one of the following eligibility categories :

  • a young person aged 16-24 at the commencement of training, including school students, or
  • an unemployed person, or
  • a person who is a recipient of a Commonwealth Government welfare benefit (and their dependents)*.

*Note: Additional exclusions apply to this category that the student MUST NOT be in receipt of Jobactive financial assistance for PPE, or an existing worker in the construction industry.

Students who are in the category of “An employed person who is ‘expected to become unemployed’” are excluded from  this initiative.

Evidence requirements

Student eligibility to enrol in NSW JobTrainer - Construction courses is defined in the Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy.

Students participating in the PPE initiative must sign a  PPE student eligibility declaration form to confirm they:

  • do not already own appropriate construction boots and a hard hat and;
  • are not eligible for financial assistance from jobactive (or other government assistance) to cover the cost of their boots and hard hat.

Providers are required to email to obtain a copy of the PPE student eligibility declaration form.

How do students access the PPE packs?

The Department has secured an arrangement with a supplier to provide PPE packs to providers to distribute to eligible students.

After the Notification of Enrolment is completed for students, providers should undertake the following order process:

  1. PPE student eligibility declaration form completed by students, PPE order form completed by providers (which can be accessed by approved Smart and Skilled providers via STS online).
    The order form contains  student details, including the Commitment ID (CID) and boot size. A single order form is used for multiple students.
  2. PPE order form emailed to the Department.
    The order form should be sent to
    When  PPE packs are dispatched by the supplier, a tracking number will be emailed to providers.
  3. PPE packs are sent directly from the supplier to provider.
    PPE packs will be shipped to providers directly for distribution to students at the commencement of their training.  Providers must confirm delivery of the packs with the Department  once the order is received.

Note: There is no requirement for students to return the PPE pack on the completion of their training. Students assume ownership of the PPE on training commencement, even if they fail to complete it.


This program has been extended until 31 December 2021. All applications for PPE packs must be submitted before 30 November 2021 for students to commence their training delivery during December 2021.

PPE packs will only be considered for the following:

  1. PPE pack application is submitted prior to the delivery and assessment of training.
    PPE pack applications cannot be submitted after the student has partially completed or completed their training/assessment.
  2. PPE packs are only supported for training/assessment if the student is required to attend a face to face assessment on a construction site (refer to student eligibility)
  3. Only completed order documents submitted will be considered. This includes boot size information and declaration completed by job seekers/providers and submitted with PPE application.

Note: The Department will support PPE packs at its discretion based on the units of competency and industry safety requirements.

Processing times: Please allow at least four weeks from lodging a TNI to delivery of PPE packs. If PPE is required sooner this initiative may not be right for your students. PPE applications must be received by 30 November 2021.

It’s estimated to take at least ten working days for providers to receive PPE packs once the order is emailed to

Product information: The PPE pack contains a pair of wheat coloured, ankle length, steel capped, lace up construction boots and a white hard hat.

Both items comply with Australian Safety Standards.

Sizing information: The boots are available in standard UK sizing. The size range  is included in the PPE eligibility declaration form, as well as the PPE order form. Hard hats are supplied in one standard size.

Size details must be included for learners requesting PPE.

Incorrect sizes and exchange process: If students receive the incorrect size boots an exchange will be arranged with the supplier.

Once the student has returned the boots to the provider, providers should contact to request an exchange form.

A courier will collect the wrong size boots from the provider (not the student).

Once received by the supplier, a new pair in the correct size will be sent to the provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

The boots are available in standard UK sizing and students  should select their regular shoe size.

If students receive a pair of boots that do not fit an exchange can be arranged with the supplier.

No – there are no refund options. Exchanges can be arranged by the provider to return the wrong size boots only.

Sizing starts at UK size 3 (EU size 35).

No. Orders are despatched by the supplier within four days of receipt.

Orders will be sent using the fastest available delivery method. Due to the ongoing delays experienced by Australia Post and other couriers, delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Providers should allow at least ten working days after placing an order with the Department  to receive the PPE packs. Please allow longer for rural and remote areas.

Once the items have been despatched, a tracking number will be issued to the provider’s email address specified on the order form.

Yes - all of the equipment provided meets the required Australian Safety Standards.

No. There is only one package available which includes a pair of wheat colour, lace-up construction boots and a white hard hat.

If providers receive PPE packs for students who do not commence training the Department should be notified at

Providers are able to retain packs and distribute to future cohorts of students.

No – PPE packs are only available for students who are about to commence  training/assessment of units of competency from RII, CPC, UEE, MEM training packages and construction related TLI high risk license units of competency (see eligibility criteria).

Yes – school students under the School Student Waiver are eligible for NSW JobTrainer – Construction and therefore eligible for PPE packs. However, the Department encourages providers to justify the need for PPE for school students who are completing General Construction Induction Training (which does require an on-site assessment).

As each learner has different circumstances each application is assessed individually.  Support for the PPE pack is at the discretion of the Department. We do not encourage providers to ‘guarantee’ a PPE pack to each student. However, student information on the NSW Department of Education’s website, available at Step safely into construction with PPE, can be included in providers marketing material to advise that a PPE pack is available subject to student eligibility.

Page last updated: 27 September 2021