Skills brokers

A total of 16 skills brokers are located across several locations in NSW to help upskill displaced workers and/or people at risk of unemployment into job creating industries.


The skills brokers are available in regions to help employers:

  • locate new staff who are trained and ready to fill roles with specific skill requirements
  • find ways to upskill existing staff, or newly employed staff who need training
  • redeploy existing staff who have been stood down, or are at risk of being stood  down or are facing retrenchment – either into a new role in your business or into a role at another business.

Skills brokers can also help employers respond rapidly to skills needs. A skills broker can help businesses remain viable and competitive in a difficult employment and economic environment.

Skills brokers can also help redeploy staff who have been stood down or are facing retrenchment.

How will skills brokers help me find skilled staff?

Skills brokers can assist employers make connections with the right organisations and people.

As they are involved in connecting jobseekers and students who have recently left school with training providers, they may also be aware of job seekers who have relevant skill sets or are in training to acquire the necessary skills required to effectively run a business.

Are my staff eligible for assistance?

Support from a skills broker is available for new staff who meet the eligibility criteria and existing staff who are at risk of unemployment and require retraining in order to secure ongoing employment.

If an employer is interested in recruiting new staff for their workforce or are wanting to upskill their existing workforce they may be eligible for fee-free training through Job Trainer NSW.

How do my staff participate in a training course?

After a skills broker has assessed the courses which best meet the needs of a business, its staff will need to enrol with a Registered Training Organisation (a TAFE or private college or a community college) to complete it. In most cases the training will be free.

They’ll need to provide proof of eligibility when they enrol. Some examples of proof of eligibility include:

  • letter
  • email
  • employment contract
  • payslip indicating JobKeeper payments
  • notice of redundancy
  • other documentation relating to their employment.

Employers may also need to provide some documentation or evidence.

The skills broker can provide further information (as required).

Further information

  • Skills Brokers flyer - information for potential learners and employers/businesses/industry bodies (PDF 201KB)
  • Employers are encouraged to phone their local Training Services NSW office on 13 28 11 and ask to speak to a skills broker.
Page last updated: 3 May 2021