NSW Skills Board - Industry reference group

The objective of the Industry reference group is to be a vehicle through which industry and employers can provide input to the NSW Skills Board to enable the Board to deliver informed advice to the minister. In particular, it advises the Board on industry skills and training priorities, the impact on NSW industry of skills reform, and responsiveness and quality issues in the training system.

The Industry reference group is chaired by Ms Marie Persson, a member of the NSW Skills Board. Matters requiring industry input will be referred to the reference group by the Board. It meets when an industry perspective is needed to inform the Board’s deliberations and recommendations, to a maximum of three times a year.

The reference group advises the NSW Skills Board, on request, on industry and employer perspectives and experiences in relation to:

  • the implementation of reforms to the vocational education and training system in NSW
  • labour market trends, skills shortages and current and future skills and workforce development needs
  • quality assurance and regulatory issues in vocational education and training, including industry engagement in independent validations of assessment
  • the performance of the vocational education and training system in delivering on industry skills priorities in NSW
  • areas for possible research and innovation, and emerging issues for the vocational education and training sector.


The Industry reference group consists of up to 12 members, not including Skills Board representatives. Members represent a combination of industry peak bodies, industry sectors and employer bodies.

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