Statement of Expectations for Smart and Skilled Providers

Through Smart and Skilled, the NSW Government approves public, private and community training providers to deliver vocational education and training that is high quality, industry relevant and accessible. The NSW Government has published its Statement of Expectations for Smart and Skilled Providers which details the Government's expectations on quality, ethics, accountability and responsiveness, and the principles and obligations a Smart and Skilled provider must adhere to.

The NSW Government closely monitors the performance of all Smart and Skilled providers and takes action where provider performance or behaviour does not meet the State’s expectations. The NSW Government will also act to cancel contracts where there is evidence of Smart and Skilled providers engaging in unethical or illegal behaviour in other States or under other programs such as VET FEEā€‘HELP.

The NSW Department of Education and NSW Fair Trading have agreed to share information to assist the ongoing integrity of the State’s training sector. Under the agreement, the NSW Department of Education is able to request information on investigations and disciplinary matters by NSW Fair Trading to determine the ongoing suitability of training providers.

The NSW Government has committed to a 65% completion rate for apprenticeships and traineeships by 2019 and expects all Smart and Skilled providers who are approved to deliver training to apprentices and trainees to work with industry to achieve this outcome.

Read the full Statement of Expectations for Smart and Skilled Providers.

Page last updated: 21 January 2020