Doing business through the Approved Providers List

The information on this page is for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) on the Approved Providers List (APL). It is to assist RTOs maintain their compliance with the APL Contract and delivery of training under the APL.

2011-2014 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A catalogue has been compiled of frequently asked questions and answers raised by RTOs. The links below sort the FAQs by category. Click on the relevant link to view the questions and answers for that category:

Please bookmark and check these pages frequently as they will be updated regularly.

2011-2014 Fact Sheets

APL Contract

The fact sheets listed below clarify aspects of the 2011-2012 APL Contract, subsequent varied APL Contracts and related STS policies. Fact sheets issued from January 2011 will also apply for subsequent varied APL Contracts and will be updated as needed.

2014-1 Approved Providers List (APL) Contract Extension Arrangements for 2014 (PDF 165kB)

1.1 Sub-contracting Arrangements (PDF 178kB)
1.2 Acceptable and Unacceptable Evidence to Support Training Outcomes Reported (PDF 72kB)
1.3 RTO Internal Review (PDF 81kB)
1.4 Administration Fees for Training Participants (PDF 137kB)
1.6 Tender Confirmation Reports - Definitions (PDF 323kB)
2.2 Activity Limits for the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training Program (ATTP) (PDF 84kB)
2.5 Adding Training to the ATTP (PDF 72kB)
2.6 Reporting Apprenticeship and Traineeship Completions (PDF 50kB)
3.5 Replacing Qualifications, Accredited Courses or Units of Competency on the SSP
4.1 Reporting Training Activity Data and Payments (PDF 80kB)
4.2 ePayments Checklists (PDF 85kB)
4.3 ePayments Data Extract File Technical Specifications (PDF 136kB)
4.5 ePayments - Pending Rejections (PDF 68kB)
4.7 Reporting Referral Pathways (PDF 56kB)

2013-1 Approved Providers List (APL) Contract Extension Arrangements for 2013 (PDF 89kB)
2013-2 Summary of Contract Variations (PDF 94kB)
2013-3 2013 Confirmation Reports (PDF 46kB)

STS Online

The following fact sheets describes how to access STS Online.

  1. Important Changes to Accessing STS Secure Web Pages (PDF 149kB)
  2. Access to STS Online and Managing Staff Profiles (PDF 1.02MB)
  3. Accessing STS Online with an AUSkey located on a USB drive (PDF 746kB)


Supporting Resources

The following resources support the APL Contract:

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