Apprenticeship & Traineeship Training Program (ATTP) FAQs

2014 APL Contract Extension

These FAQs will assist Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with details and operations under the extended contract:



Date posted/updated

2014-4 When will the NSW Skills List be published? 16 Dec 2013
2014-5 What happens if a qualification is not on the NSW Skills List? 16 Dec 2013
2014-6 What Activity Limits will apply for the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training Program (ATTP) in 2014? 16 Dec 2013
2014-7 Should RTOs that are not extending their APL Contract for 2014 complete training that commenced in 2013 or prior? Will these RTOs be paid for this training? 16 Dec 2013
2014-8 If an RTO chooses not to accept the new conditions of the 2011-2012 APL Contract (as varied from 1 January 2014), will this affect an application for a Smart and Skilled Contract? 16 Dec 2013
2014-10 What prices will be adjusted for the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training Program (ATTP) for 2014? 16 Dec 2013
2014-12 Will Training Participants who commence in 2014 be affected by fee arrangements under Smart and Skilled from 1 January 2015? 16 Dec 2013

2011-2014 Questions

The following is a list of FAQs raised by RTOs:



Date posted/updated

1 What is a Confirmation Report? 22 Dec 2011


For classroom and employment based delivery, is a certified copy of a photo ID required for the Training Participant’s file? 14 Feb 2012
6 For on-line or distance delivery, is a certified copy of a photo ID required for the Training Participant’s file? 14 Feb 2012
7 What evidence is needed to support a fee exemption for an Aboriginal Training Participant? 22 Dec 2011
8 Are training participants required to pay an administration or enrolment fee? 22 Dec 2011
9 Where do I find a Course Site ID? 22 Dec 2011
10 How is the midpoint defined and when does the time limit for claiming (i.e. 28 days) commence? 22 Dec 2011
13 Are RTOs required to print an acknowledgement of government funding on all publicity material? What are the arrangements for interstate RTOs? 22 Dec 2011
14 How can I check the payment amount on my Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) for the ATTP? 22 Feb 2012
15 What is the small business loading payable to RTOs under the ATTP? 22 Feb 2012
16 How can I lodge a claim under the ATTP when the National Training Contract (NTC) is not yet approved? 22 Feb 2012
17 The details of the NTC shown on STS Online are incorrect. How can I update this information? 22 Feb 2012
19 Can RTOs be paid under the ATTP for training provided to trainees still at school? 22 Dec 2011
20 What fees apply to school based apprenticeships and traineeships? 22 Dec 2011
21 What are the publicity requirements for funded training under the 2011-2012 APL Contract? 22 Dec 2011
22 How can I apply to receive funding for training apprentices and/or trainees? 22 Feb 2012
23 Can I sub-contract training funded under the ATTP or Strategic Skills Program (SSP) to another organisation/individual? 22 Dec 2011
24 What is an Activity Limit under the ATTP? 22 Dec 2011
27 Are RTOs required to apply for an approved sub-contracting arrangement for First Aid training? 22 Dec 2011
29 Are Electronic signatures on assessment documentation acceptable to Training Services NSW? 22 Dec 2011
30 What is commencement of training and what evidence is needed to lodge data at initial/commencement stage? 22 Dec 2011
32 Should I report a ‘Withdrawn’ outcome or report that the Training Participant ‘Did Not Start’? 16 May 2012
33 Should I report a ‘Withdrawn’ or ‘Competency not achieved/fail’ outcome? 16 May 2012
34 What units of competency (UoCs) and outcomes do I report for advanced entry apprenticeships and traineeships? 28 May 2012
37 How do I cancel/withdraw/terminate my RTO’s Approved Providers List (APL) Contract? 21 May 2012
38 What is Credit Transfer and how do I report it? 28 May 2012
39 When mapping units of competency, why is a unit not shown on STS Online? 21 May 2012
52 Why was my lodgement rejected? The error message reasons were “Invalid Course Site ID for training year” and “training activity limit has been reached”. 22 Dec 2011
53 Why was my lodgement rejected? The error message received was “Invalid Course Site ID”. 22 Dec 2011
54 Why was my lodgement rejected? The error message received was “Incorrect Course Site ID for qualification”. 22 Dec 2011
59 What is the Course Site ID? Where can I get it? 22 Dec 2011
60 Why was the data claiming a final/completion payment given a status of Pending Rejection – Late Lodgement? What can I do? 01 Nov 2012
72 What is the timeframe for lodging data? 22 Dec 2011
83 When mapping UoCs to a qualification, will only the UoCs from the Training Package show? 22 Dec 2011
84 What statistical sub-divisions (SSDs) are classed as Metropolitan/Regional/Remote? 22 Dec 2011
86 I am applying for an APL Contract for funding under the ATTP. Why do I have to map and price UoCs? 22 Dec 2011

Check this and all other FAQ pages regularly as they will be updated frequently with new questions and answers.

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