Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Placement Service (CAPS) for Apprentices and Trainees

CAPS is a free job matching service to connect out-of-work apprentices and trainees with potential employers. It focus on supporting apprentices and trainees to secure new employment and continue their training.

Registered apprentices and trainees’ profiles are available for employers to view. When a suitable candidate is identified, an employer can contact the apprentice/trainee directly to start a recruitment process. This may involve requesting a resume or attending an interview etc.

How do apprentices/trainees register for assistance?

Complete the online Apprentices/Trainees Registration Form. Applicants will receive confirmation of their registration by email within two working days.
Note: Registering with CAPS does not guarantee an offer of employment. Applicants should continue to look for work.

How does CAPS work?

After the Registration Form is received, staff from Training Services NSW will contact the out-of-work apprentice/trainee to confirm their details and training requirements.

Apprentices/trainees who are ready to resume work and training are listed on the Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Register with a Register ID. No personal details will be displayed. CAPS does not keep resumes or discloses detail about previous training arrangements.

Employers search the Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Register to find a suitable apprentice/trainee based on their profiles. Employers who identify potential candidates will be required to register vacant apprentice/trainee positions through CAPS, if they haven’t already done so. Training Services NSW will verify the employer’s information before providing apprentice/trainee’s contact details.

Employers contact the selected apprentices/trainees, go through appropriate recruitment processes and establish a new Training Contract if both parties agree.

Financial assistance for apprentices

If you are an apprentice and find a job through CAPS, and you need to relocate to continue your apprenticeship with the new employer, you may be eligible for up to $2500 financial assistance to cover your relocation and rental expenses.

For eligibility criteria and more information, see Travel Accommodation and Relocation Assistance.

Don’t stop your formal training

Apprentices/trainees should keep actively looking for another position and continue formal training with their training organisation (e.g. TAFE) while they are temporarily unemployed.


Phone 13 28 11 to be directed to your local Training Services NSW office.

Page last updated: 23 September 2020