Continuing Apprentices Placement Service for Apprentices

What is the Continuing Apprentices Placement Service (CAPS)?

The Continuing Apprentices Placement Service is a free matching service that helps apprentices in skills shortage occupations who have lost their job due to the economic downturn to find new employers so that they can complete their training. The Continuing Apprentices Register allows employers to browse through the list of out-of-trade apprentices and to request contact details if they find someone who may be suitable for their business.

How do apprentices register for assistance?

Complete the Apprentices Registration online and lodge it by clicking on the send button (a confirmation screen will appear). Applicants will receive confirmation of their registration by email within two days. (Note: an active email account is required.)

Registering with the Continuing Apprentices Placement Services does not guarantee an offer of employment. Applicants should continue to look for work.

How does the Continuing Apprentices Placement Service work?

  1. Out-of-trade apprentices register online.
  2. Training Services NSW contacts the apprentice to confirm their details and the training required to complete their apprenticeship.
  3. Apprentices who are ready to resume work training immediately are listed on the Continuing Apprentices Register . The Continuing Apprentices Register does not display personal details.
  4. Employers identify suitable apprentices on the Continuing Apprentices Register and send a request to CAPS for apprentice contact information. Contact details are only provided to employers who have registered a vacant apprenticeship position through CAPS.
  5. The employer contacts the selected apprentice and arranges an interview.
  6. When a job offer is made and accepted, an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) representative visits the workplace to help the employer and the apprentice prepare a training contract. Training Services NSW approves the application and monitors the quality of training.

Financial assistance to relocate

For information about possible relocation and rental assistance, see Travel Accommodation and Relocation Assistance.

Don’t stop your formal training

Apprentices should continue formal training with their training organisation (e.g. TAFE) while they are temporarily unemployed but still actively looking for another position as an apprentice.

Page last updated: 26 March 2020