I am changing the name of the business

When you employed your apprentice or trainee you signed a contract.

When you change the name of the company

  • the contract may no longer be valid
  • your company is no longer eligible for government incentives and rebates.

Legal name change

Your options are

  • transfer the training contact to the new legal entity
  • cancel and a draw up a new contract.

Your Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) can arrange the administrative process and give advice on maintaining your eligibility for government financial incentives.

You should notify Training Services NSW directly, or through your ANP, of the change in the legal name of your business within 14 days of the change occurring.

Trading name change

While you may change your trading name without affecting your training contract or your eligibility for financial incentives, you need to notify Training Services NSW of the change.

What is the difference between a legal and trading name?

Legal name

  • The legal name is the name of the entity that appears on all official documents or legal papers. It may be different from the trading name.
  • It is the name of the employer for all contractual purposes including the training contract established under the NSW Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act.
  • This legal name can be a person’s name (a sole trader), or the name of partnership, a proprietary limited company or an incorporated association. It cannot be a trading name, business name or the name of a trust.

Trading name

  • Your trading name or business name is the name under which your business trades for commercial purposes. It may be different from the legal name used for contracts and other formal situations.

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Page last updated: 01 March 2021