Disabled apprentice or trainee

The Commonwealth Government provides incentives and assistance to the employer and apprentice/trainee with a disability. The following is a summary of available assistance. Please refer to the Australian Apprenticeship website (Support for Australian Apprentices with disability) for more information.

Wage subsidy

An employer with an apprentice or trainee with a disability may be entitled to:

Support for Australian Apprentices with disability - a weekly wage subsidy that is paid to the employer.

Support is also available to an employer who currently employs an apprentice or trainee who became disabled during the course of their training contract.

View the fact sheet.

Tutoring, interpreting and mentoring support

Assistance for Tutorial, Interpreter and Mentor Services can be provided to apprentices and trainees with a disability by the Registered Training Organisation responsible for their training delivery.

Workplace modifications

You may be entitled to a full or part reimbursement of the cost of modifying a workplace to accommodate an apprentice or trainee with a disability.

Who can help?

Your Australian Apprenticeship Centre is your first port of call to get information, an assessment of your apprentice or trainee and help applying.

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Page last updated: 27 April 2018