I need to register my apprentice/trainee

Why register an apprenticeship or traineeship?

  • As the employer of an apprentice or trainee you must have a valid training contract currently registered with Training Services NSW.
  • A training contract is a legally binding agreement between you and your apprentice or trainee which sets out your rights, responsibilities and obligations for the period of the contract.
  • You apprentice or trainee must be registered in order to receive a qualification at the end of their training and for you to be eligible for any financial incentives which may be available during their training.
  • The NSW Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 states that you must apply to State training Services to register your apprentice or trainee’s training contract within 28 days of them starting work.
  • The Act also says it is illegal for you to employ a junior (under 18 years of age) in a recognised trade vocation unless they are either an apprentice or a qualified tradesperson.
  • If your do not register your apprentice or trainee within 28 days as required, Training Services NSW can subsequently issue a training contract to you which will take into account the time your apprentice or trainee has already spent working for you.

How to register

  • Contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre who will arrange the paper work to establish and register your apprentice or trainee.
  • Your Australian Apprenticeship Centre will also assist you to choose a training provider and to access government incentives and allowances.

How do I confirm registration has occurred?

  • If you do not recall signing a training contract and do not have a letter from Training Services NSW telling you that you have a training contract registered, then your apprentice or trainee may not be registered.
  • If there is no training contract or if there is a problem you should immediately contact your local Training Services NSW office on 13 28 11

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Page last updated: 01 March 2021