Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships

About Bert Evans Apprenticeship Scholarships (nominations now closed for 2017)

The Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships were launched in 2014 to assist apprentices who need additional financial support.

Apprentices and Trainees

The Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships assist apprentices in NSW who have demonstrated:

  • hardship in their personal circumstances.
  • aptitude for vocational education and training to lead to successful completion of their trade training.
  • a positive attitude and application in the workplace and in off the job training.

There will be a maximum of 50 Scholarships awarded annually including 10 NSW Country Apprentice Scholarships. Scholarships are open to school based apprentices.

The scholarships are open for metropolitan and country apprentices.

Apprentices with a disability will need to disclose their disability and will be assessed on hardship and aptitude.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible apprentices must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or hold permanent resident status.
  • Have commenced between 1st March 2016 and 30th May 2017.
  • Be resident in NSW for the term of the apprenticeship.
  • The apprenticeship must be in a trade in a skill shortage category in NSW.
  • The apprentice must be in one or more of the following categories:
    • Country apprentice working in regional New South Wales
    • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander apprentice
    • Apprentice with a disability
    • Female apprentice in a non-traditional trade for women
    • Apprentice working in a skills shortage occupation and experiencing hardship.

The Scholarships are worth $5,000 each year for up to three years.

Nominations for Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarships closed on Tuesday 30th May 2017.

The application form will require a statement each from the employer and a representative of the registered training organisation.

How to Nominate

For details of the application process download the guidelines and nomination form found at the links below.

Application forms and accompanying statements/documents must be returned to your Regional Office on or before Tuesday 30th May 2017.


For all enquiries please phone 13 28 11

Page last updated: 7 July 2017