Travel, Accommodation and Relocation Assistance

for apprentices and trainees in NSW


  • Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) and
  • Continuing Apprentices Placement Service (CAPS)
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What assistance is available

Financial assistance is available to eligible apprentices and new entrant trainees in NSW to assist in meeting some of the costs associated with training.

Assistance is available to:

  • Offset some of the costs incurred for travel and accommodation related to class room based, off-the-job training with a registered training provider as required under the terms of the apprenticeship or traineeship; and/or
  • Displaced apprentices to meet some of the costs associated with removal and rental expenses, where there is a need to relocate in order to recommence the apprenticeship with a new employer under the Continuing Apprentice Placement Scheme (CAPS).

Please note: all payments will be made by electronic bank deposit only.

Who is eligible?

VTAS – Travel and Accommodation Allowance

  • Apprentices or new entrant trainees who are required to travel more than 120 km round trip to attend day or block release training with their RTO.

CAPS – Relocation and Rental Expenses

  • Unemployed apprentices that are required to relocate more than 60 km in order to continue their apprenticeship with a new employer.

Who may not be eligible for travel assistance?

Who is not eligible?

Existing worker trainees[?]

Things you should know

If you live and travel within the boundaries of Sydney Trains you may be eligible for the $0.33c per kilometre travel assistance if you do not use Government transport because it is unsuitable. You need to lodge an Applicant Signed Statement (pdf) or (zip) outlining the circumstance with your first claim.

How to apply?

VTAS – Travel and Accommodation Allowance

Claims for travel and accommodation assistance must be submitted by 30 June following the year of travel. To claim:

  • Download the Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) application form (pdf) or (zip).
  • Complete the form, sign it, and also have your RTO sign it.
  • If required, complete an Applicant Signed Statement (pdf) or (zip) and have your employer sign it.
  • Lodge the application form together with the Signed Statement (if applicable) with your local Training Services NSW office.

CAPS – Relocation and Rental Expenses

Claims for relocation and rental assistance must be submitted within six months of the commencement date of the new training contract or transfer to the new employer. To claim:

  • Download and complete the Relocation Allowance Application Form (pdf), and then email to  

Further information

Click here to download Travel and Accommodation AssistanceDownload further information on eligibility available from the Travel, Accommodation and Relocation Assistance guidelines [pdf] or email:

Page last updated: 22 February 2021