Why green skills?


Climate change and scarcities of resources like water and oil are major risks to Australia's future prosperity. Training your staff to follow environmentally best practice is a way to minimise these risks and create a sustainable future for your business. Saving on your water, energy, material and waste bills makes direct economic sense. Being able to effectively monitor these flows enables a business to be more responsive to changing needs and expectations, and give management greater control over costs.

Energy efficiency speaks for itself, but goes far beyond merely turning off lights. It requires critically examining the ways you use, monitor and manage energy usage as a business, throughout your operations. By adopting simple measures and training your staff on environmental best practice, your organisation can become more sustainable - in both the economic and the environmental sense. Being sustainable can also protect your brand and reputation and generate new markets.

Examples of the benefits gained and opportunities uncovered by some businesses that have embraced sustainable thinking, can be found on our Case Studies page.

Workers and Jobseekers

Climate change, carbon reduction, energy efficiency - there is a growing demand for people with skills to support the transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy.

Whether you are currently employed or a jobseeker, a tradesperson or a manager, there are courses available to green your skills:

I'm helping businesses become more sustainable

Brad BelcherQualifications in business sustainability provide the tools needed to meet an organisation’s environmental responsibilities while improving business efficiency.

Students gain the skills to create organisational change and the knowledge to advise management on the advantages of operating more sustainably.

Brad Belcher did a Certificate IV in Business Sustainability Assessment at TAFE NSW North Sydney Institute. Read his training story.

Page last updated: 27 June 2016