Commissioners Information Bulletin 475

Make-up - Traineeship


Date of effect: 3 September 2010


The traineeship vocation of Make-up has been established.

Click here for the Make-up Vocational Training Order.

Qualifications, structure and packaging

CUF07 Screen and Media Training Package includes 18 qualifications ranging from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma. One qualification supports the traineeship pathway. Click on CUF40407 Certificate IV in Make-up for details.

Job description

Employees in make-up work in film, television, theatre, fashion, photography or at weddings. Jobs may involve:

  • designing, applying and removing make-up
  • make-up for special effects
  • apply remedial and camouflage make-up
  • maintaining the continuity of performers' appearance
  • selecting and applying hair extensions
  • making wigs and hairpieces
  • styling hair and wigs for performances or productions.

Industrial arrangements

Applications under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001 to establish any traineeship whether full-time or part-time will not be approved unless the Commissioner for Vocational Training is satisfied that appropriate industrial arrangements are in place.

Trainees can be employed under the Broadcasting and Recorded Entertainment Award 2010 and the National Training Wage Award 2000.

A new national industrial relations system

All New South Wales private sector employers and employees are now covered by the Fair Work national workplace relations system.

Further information on the Fair Work system is available from the Fair Work Ombudsman by telephoning 13 13 94 or via their website.

Learning resources and assessment materials

Learning resources to support the delivery of the traineeship training are available from Arts, Communications, Finance Industries & Property Services Ltd.

For assessment guidelines go to the

Registered training organisations

For registered training providers which can deliver the traineeship qualification go to

Currently there are no organisations in contract with the NSW Department of Education and Training to be paid for the delivery of the traineeship training. This is expected to change once the new vocation and qualification are promoted by the ITAB and training providers.

As organisations enter into contract with the NSW Department of Education and Training to be paid for the delivery of CUF40407 Certificate IV in Make-up traineeship training they will be listed here.

Superseded Commissioners Information Bulletin

This Commissioners Information Bulletin supersedes all references to Make-up in Bulletin 236.

Inspecting Vocational Training Order

A copy of the Vocational Training Order is available for inspection on this internet site below or at any State Training Services Regional Office of the NSW Department of Education and Training.


For any enquiries regarding this Commissioners Information Bulletin, please contact the Vocational Training Tribunal Unit on telephone (02) 9266 8579.

Approved by Phillip Moore
Commissioner for Vocational Training. 

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Make-up - Traineeship
Vocational Training Order

Date of effect 3 September 2010
Course of study CUF40407 Certificate IV in Make-up
Term of traineeship

Full time:

  • 24 months or until the relevant competencies are achieved

See part-time apprenticeships and traineeships

Probationary period

2 months

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