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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Training Contract:

  • Suspend (vt13) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Cancel (vt16) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Transfer (vt8) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Competency based completion (vt9) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Notification of Completion of Training Contract (vt1) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Bulk spreadsheet schedule - [xlsx] [zip]
  • Extract of record for an Apprenticeship/Traineeship (vt3) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Application to extend probationary period for an apprentice or trainee (vt25) - [pdf] [zip]

Vary or notify a change [can also be used for a training plan]

  • Change of employer details (vt4) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Change of learner details (vt5) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Contract variations (vt2) - [pdf] [zip]

Training Plans

  • Training Plan - [pdf] [Word] or [zip]
    The pdf version provides automatic totalling of training hours and other advanced features.
  • Employer Endorsement Addendum - [Pdf] [Word] or [zip]
  • Training Plan Proposal - [Pdf] [Word] or [zip]
  • RTO Notification Process (vt20) - [pdf] [zip]

Duty of Care

  • Duty of Care - Ensuring young apprentices and trainees stay safe at work [pdf] [zip]

Supervising your apprentice or trainee

  • Supervising your apprentice or trainee - guide [pdf] [zip]
  • Supervising your apprentice or trainee videos.

Allowances and financial assistance

Travel allowance for off-the job-training

  • VTAS Application form (vt23) - [pdf] [zip]
  • VTAS Signed Statement (vt24) - [pdf] [zip]

Relocation and rental allowance:

  • Relocation and Rental Assistance Application form (vt12) - [pdf] [zip]

Thriving in your apprenticeship and traineeship

  • Download a welcome guide for apprentices and trainees [pdf] [zip]

Continuing Apprentices/Trainees Placement Service - CAPS

  • Apprentice/Trainee registration form (vt11) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Employer registration form (vt10) - [pdf] [zip]

Copy of training contract record including progress to date

  • Extract of record (vt3) - [pdf] [zip]

Application for Reissue of Certificate

  • Application for reissue of Certificate (vt6) - [pdf] [zip]

Application for Verification of a Certificate

  • Application for Verification of a Certificate (vt7) - [pdf] [zip]

Application for Internal Review

  • Application for internal review - [pdf] [zip]

Registered Training Organisations

  • Notification Process (vt20) - [pdf] [zip]
  • Technical Variation Standard form [Excel]

Recognition of Trade Skills

  • Application for a Certificate of Proficiency (vt100) - [pdf] or [zip]
  • Certificate of Proficiency Guidelines - [pdf] [zip] or [Word]
  • Application for Re-issue of Certificate (vt17) - [pdf] [zip] or [Word]
  • Application for Upgrade of Certificate (vt18) - [pdf] [zip] or [Word]
  • Application for Verification of a Certificate (vt7) - [pdf] [zip]

Online Enquiry form

  • General enquiry form - Can't find the information you want or don't quite understand it? Then contact us for more help.

NSW Group Training Registration

  • Registration Guide [pdf 102Kb]
  • National Standards for Group Training Organisations - [pdf 55Kb]
  • Evidence guide to Support the National Standards for Group Training Organisations -[pdf 110Kb]
  • Application form [Word]
  • Compliance Assessment Report [Word]


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