NSW & ACT Joint GTO Registration Process

Training Services (TS) NSW and Skills Canberra, the two government bodies responsible for GTO registration in NSW and the ACT, have agreed on a joint GTO registration process.

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To be eligible for this joint process, a GTO must:

  • operate in both NSW and ACT; and
  • have a permanent physical presence in NSW; and
  • use the same policies, processes and systems in both jurisdictions.

Eligible GTOs will only be required to pay for one lot of registration fees, the NSW fees as described in the NSW Group Training Registration - Registration Guide.


If a GTO meets the above requirements and would like to be registered in both NSW and ACT, they should complete both a Group Training Registration in NSW Application Form AND an ACT Group Training Organisation Application Form. They should then attach both forms to “one” completed Compliance Assessment Report (andsupport materials) and submit to TS NSW. Once the applications are submitted, a copy of the ACT Application Form will be provided to Skills Canberra.

The audit process will be the normal registration process as documented in the NSW Group Training Registration – Registration Guide, with the following additions:

  • Interviews will also be conducted (by Skills Canberra) with a sample of apprentices, trainees and host employers in the ACT. Feedback from the interviews will be provided to the auditor and may inform/influence site audit activities in NSW and audit outcomes.
  • A copy of the completed Compliance Assessment Report and Audit Outcome Form (with auditor recommendation) will be provided to Skills Canberra.
  • Both jurisdictions will make independent appealable decisions about a GTO’s registration in their jurisdictions.
  • In the event that the ACT interviews or completed Compliance Assessment Report identify possible issues with the GTO’s ACT operations, Skills Canberra may require a full GTO audit be undertaken before registration is granted in the ACT. This may also result in an additional cost to the GTO. For further information, please refer to ACT GTO registration website.
Page last updated: 1 May 2018