What is a registered GTO in NSW?

In NSW, GTOs may be registered under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act (2001). To be registered in NSW, a GTO must demonstrate that their organisation is compliant with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations. The Standards were developed and endorsed by the Commonwealth and all States and Territories and are designed to provide a quality framework for a nationally consistent, robust, group training service. Registration is not mandatory in NSW.

Benefits of being a registered GTO in NSW

Registered GTOs in NSW may:

  • promote themselves as a quality group training organisation assessed against the National Standards for Group Training Organisations
  • utilise the national Group Training Organisation logo
  • access Commonwealth and State government programs and incentives only available to registered GTOs. View GTO Pre-Apprenticeship Pre-Traineesip Training Partnering Program and Apprenticeship Incentives Program
  • have their organisation’s details promoted on Commonwealth and State government websites as a registered GTO in NSW.

How to become a registered GTO in NSW

GTOs seeking registration or re-registration should download the following documents:

To become a registered GTO in NSW, oranisations need to:

  1. conduct a self-assessment of their organisation's systems, processes and services against the National Standards;
  2. prepare an Application Form, Compliance Assessment Report and other support materials, and lodge with Training Services NSW, Department of Industry; and
  3. participate in a compliance audit conducted by an independent auditor nominated by the Department. This generally involves a desk audit, a site audit, and interviews with appentices/trainees and host employers. Note: all costs for the independent auditor are to be reimbursed by the applicant GTO.

Once an organisation is assessed as meeting the National Standards, and any other requirements imposed by the Department, registration of the GTO may be approved by the Commissioner for Vocational Training under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001. Registration will be for between one and three years.

List of registered GTOs in NSW

View details of Group Training Organisations currently registered in NSW.

The GTOs are listed alphabetically, and details provided include:

  • the industries in which they offer employment
  • the regions/areas they operate in

GTOs operating in NSW and ACT

Training Services (TS) NSW and Skills Canberra, the two government boides responsible for GTO registration in NSW and ACT, have agreed on a joint GTO registration process.

To be eligible for this joint process a GTO must:

  • operate in both NSW and ACT; and
  • have a permanent physical presence in NSW; and
  • use the same policies, processes and systems in both jurisdictions.

Eligible GTOs will only be required to pay for one lot of registration fees.

For further information about this policy, please refer to NSW & ACT Joint Registration Process.

Page last updated: 15 December 2017