Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP)

Refuge Employment Support brochureThe Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) is a NSW Government initiative that will strengthen connections between local industry and secondary school communities and support students in planning their future career pathways.

The RIEP initiative will:

  • build partnerships between employers and local schools
  • support employers to engage with schools and share their expectations for their future workforce
  • help students develop the skills they need to get a job; and
  • strengthen links between what is learned at school and what is needed in the workplace.

RIEP will take advantage of local knowledge and networks to boost student engagement with local industry.

Ten dedicated, locally-based RIEP officers will be appointed throughout the network of Training Services NSW regional centres to provide statewide coverage. RIEP officers will:

  • Work with school staff on initiatives that engage local industries and support students to plan their career pathways
  • Work with local employers to facilitate their access to local schools in order to promote careers within their business or industry.
  • Facilitate activities where employers can communicate what they need in terms of skills and experience from young people entering their industry.
  • Support school staff to promote the range of jobs and career opportunities available in the region to students and their parents; and
  • Develop and provide resources and activities to increase the capacity of schools and industry to engage with each other.

For more information or to contact your local RIEP officer, email

Page last updated: 1 November 2018