Job evidence guide - Baking (Breadmaking)

Employees in the trade of Baking (Breadmaking) work in the retail baking sector of the food processing industry in hot bread shops, franchises, in-store bakeries and similar outlets. They produce and bake a variety of breads, rolls, fancy and artesian breads using baking equipment and machinery.

They form dough, knead by hand or machine, monitor oven temperatures and breads appearance, turn out and cool baked products, and operate slicing and wrapping machines. They check the cleanliness of equipment to ensure health and safety regulations are met.

They may also perform the following tasks:

  • scale and mould dough for intermediate proof
  • conduct final mould and final proof
  • retard dough
  • produce yeast-raised products
  • diagnose and respond to product and process faults
  • monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs.

If you are seeking recognition in the Baking (Breadmaking) trade you must provide evidence demonstrating the nature and duration of your employment, such as:

  • log books or job cards illustrating the nature of trade work you have performed
  • work-related references from employers and qualified supervisors outlining the duration of employment and detailing the nature of work you have performed, procedures applied and tools and equipment used which are consistent with the Baking (Breadmaking) trade. References must be signed, dated and on your employer’s letterhead.
  • formal training records, evidence of relevant training completed
  • any other evidence that demonstrates that you are competent or trained to work as a Baker (Breadmaker).

The Vocational Training Tribunal (VTT) has determined that as a minimum requirement for applicants seeking trade recognition in any of the above trades, they shall provide evidence of his/her successful completion of the SITXOHS002A Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures unit of competency, or equivalent, at the time of lodgement of their application. Click here for more information.

Page last updated: 29 January 2021