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Applying or nominating for an award

What’s Next?

The NSW Training Awards celebrate the best of vocational education and training (VET) in NSW and are the premier VET awards in the state.

The NSW Training Awards provide recognition to individuals and serve as a launching pad to opportunities in the VET industry and within their local community.

For organisations, the NSW Training Awards provides great networking opportunities for finalists and the possibility to showcase your organisation's commitment to excellence. Success in the NSW Training Awards raises the profile of your organisation in your industry, your community and with the state government.

Individual Category

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

If the learner has a TCID:

  • Individual’s employer or host employer
  • Teacher/trainer from their Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or school (if SBAT)
  • Industry Consultant or Training Coordinator from their Registered Training Organisation (RTO), etc
  • Group Training Organisation (GTO)
  • Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANPs)

If the learner is a Vocational Student:

  • Individual’s employer
  • Teacher/trainer from their Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Apprentice of the Year/School-Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

  • Individual’s employer or host employer
  • Teacher/trainer from their Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or school (if SBAT)
  • Industry Consultant or Training Coordinator from their Registered Training Organisation (RTO), etc
  • Group Training Organisation (GTO)
  • Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANPs)

VET in Schools Student of the Year

  • Teacher/trainer from their Registered Training
  • Organisation (RTO)
  • Industry Consultant or Training Coordinator from their Registered Training Organisation (RTO), VET coordinator, etc
  • Career Adviser, Principal, Teacher from their school

VET Trainer/Teacher of the Year

  • Individual’s employer (RTO), colleague, principal, student or other industry group

Vocational Student of the Year

  • Individual’s employer
  • Teacher/trainer from their Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Employers and Training Provider award category entries are to be completed by full-time employees (i.e. not a contractor) with the permission from your organisation’s chief executive officer or equivalent.

Self nomination for individuals is allowed in the VET Trainer/Teacher category only, however the entry form must still be endorsed by a training provider or employer.

Self nominations in the Apprentice, Trainee, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student, Vocational Student, School-based Apprentice/Trainee and VET in Schools Student of the Year categories are not accepted.

Individuals can only be nominated for one category. If you have been nominated for more than one category, we will contact your nominator/s to clarify which award is to be selected.

Organisations can apply for more than one award, provided that the eligibility criteria of those awards are met. Note that we do not accept multiple applications for the same award.

There is no limit to the number of apprentices, trainees, students or trainers you can nominate.

All applications must be submitted using the online portal before the closing date.

No other applications will be accepted including electronic or hardcopy submissions such as paper, USBs, CDs, DVDs, fax, email or links to external websites or media platforms.

Please refer to our Key Dates and Events information page.

No, the NSW Training Awards do not charge an application fee.

For more information about the NSW Training Awards, how to enter and eligibility, click on the relevant link/s below:

If you require further information you can also contact us with any questions.

Yes. You will be able to use your existing login details. Just enter your username and password, and you are good to go.

The rules state that you may only be nominated once for a training contract. This means that you cannot be nominated for the same apprenticeship, traineeship or vocational course twice.

If you have progressed to the next level in your training, you can be nominated again. For example:

You were previously nominated for the NSW Trainee of the Year as you did a traineeship in Certificate III in Business Services (Business Administration). You have since completed this traineeship and progressed to a Certificate IV in Business Services (Legal Services). You can be nominated for the NSW Trainee of the Year as it is a different training contract.

You were nominated for NSW School-Based Apprentice of the Year Award (you were in Year 12 then). You are now due to complete your apprenticeship in March. You can be nominated for the NSW Apprentice of the Year as this is a different category due to no longer being in the School-Based arrangement.

For the VET Trainer/Teacher of the Year Award, the rules differ slightly. Winners of the regional VET Trainer/Teacher of the Year cannot be nominated in subsequent years.

Organisations can apply again each year, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Competency Based Completion (often referred to as "early completion") is a great thing. In general, it means that you excelled at your trade or vocation and that you picked up the skills required a lot quicker than anticipated.

We allow you to be nominated by using either your Competency Based Completion date or your expected completion date (if either one of these dates fall within the eligibility of the year you are applying for). For Vocational students, use the date on the documentation from the training provider.

Note that if you are an apprentice or trainee and you are applying for competency based completion, you must lodge the application form [Pdf] before entering the NSW Training Awards.

If you completed earlier than this or have any questions, contact us.

Yes, you can be nominated by your previous employer or by your training provider.

If your new employer was not part of the training contract, we cannot accept a nomination from them. If you transferred to this employer before completing your training contract, you can be nominated by them.

You may apply for any award where you meet the eligibility criteria. This includes Trainee, Apprentice, Vocational student, VET in Schools and School-Based Apprentice/Trainee student of the year.

The choice is based on your personal preference.

Note: you cannot enter in more than 1 category (i.e. both Trainee of the year and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the year).

Group Training is an employment and training arrangement where a Group Training Organisation (GTO) acts as the primary employer to apprentices and trainees and then hires them out to other businesses (known as ‘host employers') whilst they are undertaking their formal training.

If you're filling in a nomination form and are unsure whether you are employed by a GTO, please talk to the person that is nominating you or ring Training Services NSW on 13 28 11.

The best way to answer this question is to discuss the mandatory attachments first (i.e. those that must be included with the application), and then move to the optional attachments. And before going any further, there’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • A minimum of two attachments must be attached to the application
  • The selection criteria must be the focus of the nomination (not the attachments)
  • Whenever you attach a document, photo, or video to an application, you must ensure it is referenced in the selection criteria.

Yes. The combined attachment page limit is 5 pages, and the maximum size for each file is 5MB. You can upload PDF and JPEG files.

If you exceed the 5-page limit, only the first 5 pages will be assessed.

And remember – you must attach at least 2 supporting documents to the application.

What's Next?

All nominations for individual awards are provided to your regional committee.

These applications are assessed and you may be interviewed if your application has been successful.

After the closing date for nominations, the NSW Training Awards sorts the individual nominations and forwards them to the 9 regional committees. All nominations are assessed by the committees, who will get in contact with you.

You will be advised in writing about the progress of your nomination.

Winners will be announced at either a regional or state event.

Regional winners of the individual award categories (Apprentice, Trainee, School-Based Apprentice/Trainee, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student, Vocational Student, VET in Schools Student & VET Trainer/Teacher) will progress to the next stage where they will represent their region and be invited for a state interview in Sydney.

These interviews will be held from mid-to late July and candidates will be shortlisted to compete at the NSW Training Awards event in Sydney in September.

All regional winners will be required to attend a professional development session, which will be provided by each regional committee in preparation for state interviews.

Of course! You have achieved something special and deserve to celebrate.

State finalists and winners can request copies of the logos NSW Training Awards for their specific award, for use in your advertising material. The NSW Training Awards will provide a .jpg for digital use and an .eps file for print use.

All we ask in return is a copy of the publication.

Yes. Please send an email to the NSW Training Awards team on with your name, current contact details (preferably a mobile phone number) and your award category.

Please be advised, feedback regarding judging and selection can be requested within the period up to 30th September.

Feedback is provided by the chair of the selection panel that reviewed your entry. We try to accommodate feedback requests quickly, but we cannot guarantee a speedy reply as the panel members belong to different industries across the state.

2019 NSW Training Awards Partners

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